My video work powerline (heave) was chosen for this inaugural contemporary festival, taking place April 26th and 27th, 2019.

Presented by Charles Adams Studio Project, CASPFEST is an inaugural two-night festival of art, film, & music, which aims to showcase exceptional contemporary art. The national art exhibition is juried by Christina Rees, the films curated by Paul Allen Hunton & Jonathan Seaborn, & the music will feature bands from across the state of Texas. This is the first annual event of its kind, & will take place April 26th and April 27th, at the 5&J Gallery in Lubbock, Texas.

powerline (heave) vid still.jpg

Video installation for Habitable Spaces

Habitable Spaces artist residency and sustainable farm hosted an exhibition titled Transit featuring Texas and Berlin artists. Show will travel to Berlin in late 2019. In addition to the exhibition, they hosted a fantastic dinner with all food supplied by the farm. Below are some pics of my large-scale projection titled chaosterrain, along with some video stills.

Rucka Artist Residency/Workshop, Cesis, Latvia

In 2016, I did a residency/workshop at Rucka Artist Residency through the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art. The many artists, writers, semioticians, and linguists I met there--many from the Baltic states, others from all over the world--were an inspiration. A lot of discussion, actions, listening, walkabouts, and great food and drink had an important impact on the work I have made since. Shout out to my roommates Carlos and Tadas and to the amazing artists Edd Schouten, Inga Erdmane and Styrmir Örn Gudmundsson.

Hello world...

Since this is a brand new website and I have a whole lot of news to post: past, present, future?--I'm just picking and choosing highlights of different time periods from my old site, in addition to including what's happening right now. It's actually pretty refreshing to clean out the closet and pare things down. It's all relevant--time is a continuum, and the relentless demand for the latest info is not so important to me, although it's nice to focus on the more recent. So with that said...Onward into past (prologue), present and future updates!

2017 has seen my work shown at The Whitney Biennial as part of Occupy Museums; as an exhibitor/participant in Yoko Ono's "Arising" project at the Reykjavïk Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland; Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in San Antonio, TX for their 30 year anniversary exhibition titled "Homage"; The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio for Contemporary Art Month's Perennial Exhibition. Upcoming: Common Currents, San Antonio's Tricentennial Celebration at Artpace, San Antonio.

Documentation of participants/exhibitors in Yoko Ono's Arising project. Reykjavïk Art Museum

Faculty exhibit at UTSA Gallery, Nov. 2017

Landscape and Memory, CAM Perennial Exhibition, SW School of Art Navarro Gallery, 2017

comingdown installed at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum for Homage, Blue Star's 30th Anniversary exhibition, 2017